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Bitch Fit Queen.

A BFQ is someone who often has bitch fits. A bitch fit is when someone starts acting like a bitch for whatever reason.
EX 1.
Teacher: I don't appreciate your atittude.
Marts: I don't really care.
Teacher:Well, here (hands him a pass) Go get counseling.
Marts: Goody.
N: What a fucking BFQ
T: urgh dude he sucks dude.
by Nadsafs April 14, 2009
When the fact that a girl is a lesbian is a shame. This only occurs when she is hot. Because no one would mind a fat or ugly lesbian.
N: That's the hot girl in my German class
A: Aight that's, cool
T: Urgh dude she's lesbian dude.
Alien:Aw man!
N: Damn that's some lesbian shame right there.
by Nadsafs March 24, 2009
The manly way to say "Everyday Italian" .

Saying that you are watching everyday Italian is not manly. However saying Cooking With Cleavage is manly and tells people why you watch the show.

"What are you watching?"
"Cooking With Cleavage"
"Yea Yuh"
by Nadsafs July 04, 2009
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