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"Not at all", almost to the point of the suggestion being laughable. Used to express extreme disagreement with a statement, or an emphatic negative in response to a question. Equivalent to a low-voltage in digital logic, which generally represents an assertion of a false statement. First used by Eric Schmidt.

Usually uttered through a laugh.
Me: Hey, you guys enjoying that last thermodynamics assignment?
Them: ZEE-RO!

Mom: What do you say to liver for dinner?
Kid: Zero, mom. Zero.
by Nacho Dan August 07, 2004
Alternate term for wedgie
When I was younger, my big brother used to give me a killer wedge every day. I hate that bastard.
by Nacho Dan June 15, 2004
nasty-ass canned jalapeno pepper slices

Zesty is commonly found on top of the "nachos" served by concessions stands at sporting events. "Nachos", for the purposes of this definition, is zesty atop edible-plastic "cheese" served from heaters by pushing a yellow button and waiting for the "cheese "food" " to cover the stale chips provided by the company running the concession.

So named due to the prominence of the word "ZESTY!" on the gigantic can from which the archetypal zesty originates. The real brand name of zesty is lost to history, and frankly, is irrelevant.

Emphatic is "zes-tay", or sometimes described by the effects of eating the zesty. See also: explosive diarrhea
Him: Need nachos with zesty!
Me: Regular zesty or two-hands-on-the-toilet-bowl zesty?
by Nacho Dan July 08, 2004
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