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1. To agree, concur or express understanding of something.
2. Being in "the know" or knowledgable about a subject.

1. Person 1: "Man this song is off the hook!" Person 2: "Yeah, I'm hip!"

2. I'm hip to the music scene.
by Nabru September 14, 2005
When you are pretending to be something you are not, capable of a skill or trait you do not possess, or in some other way misrepresenting yourself. See fronting.
KRS-ONE is an old school rapper who dislikes so-called "Gansta" rappers who are just fakin' the funk.
by Nabru September 14, 2005
The old southern meaning of spoof or the act of "spoofing" is to trick or otherwise play a practical joke on someone. (This might be remembered from the old "Deputy Dawg" cartoon where the mischievous Muskie the Muskrat constantly spoofed Vince Van Gopher, Deputy Dawg and Sheriff.)

Muskie: "Depty Dawg, Depty Dawg! Vince fell in the quickmud!"
Deputy Dawg: "Dag nabit! This better not be a spoof, Muskie!"
Muskie: "It's possible... It's possible..."

by Nabru September 14, 2005
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