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Rich south side girls from fee paying schools from ireland who dont just go for the fact of hot rugby bois(but thats always a plus) but who actuallly like the game!!!
Christine, Amy, and me
by Na-na May 04, 2005
Rugby is for real manly guys to play and for us girls to drool over the guys. Its a game for more upperslass people and gets rid of the football knackers!!!!
Irish knackers are filth, scurms of the earth and play football.
Upperclass irish guys play rugby.
by Na-na May 03, 2005
Gaven is a rugby player for Wales who played amazingly against s'lord in nz for the Lions 05 they guy also happens to be extremly hot and i love his hair!!!!!!!
Look up a lions website you shall sooo him!!!
by Na-Na June 22, 2005

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