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Rich south side girls from fee paying schools from ireland who dont just go for the fact of hot rugby bois(but thats always a plus) but who actuallly like the game!!!
Christine, Amy, and me
by Na-na May 04, 2005
Girls who have a weakness/obsession for male rugby players with large penises.
That hallway is just full of rugger hugger.
by rugbyboylover March 02, 2011
teenage girl, (usually from a fee-paying south dublin private school) with an unhealthy fixation with rugby-playing teenage boys from similar fee-paying private schools in south dublin. the term rugger hugger comes from its male equivalentrugger bugger
ohmigod, sorcha has turned into, like, *such* a rugger hugger
by zogabongs February 03, 2004
girls who have no idea about the sport but join the womens rugby team just so they can go to the after parties with the guys and hopefully get drunk enough to make out with one or two of them.
that girl is a rugger hugger, i mean just look at what she is wearing
by sAnDi*4* February 03, 2006
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