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When a man has an extremely unclean beard. Not as messy as a homeless beard. The beard is usually sported by pedophiles or really messy college students.
Girl #1: OMG! Do you see that guy on the bench? He totally looks like he wants to rape me.

Girl #2: Yeah you're probably right. He has a pedophile beard and rapist glasses. Let's get out of here.

Girl #1: Wait isn't that the dude from our French class?

Girl #2: Yeah, hes probably there to pick up little girls.
by NYer stuck in Montreal March 19, 2009
Similar to the double dutch rudder however, instead of masturbating the two guys are waxing their chests. Each man has the waxing strips on his chest and they pull the strips off each other at the same time.
Man #1: Dude I want to go to the beach but I've got too much hair on my chest.

Man #2: Same here man but I feel like I would never want to wax it or shave it myself.

Man #1: We could always do some double dutch waxing.

Man #2: Really man, you'd do that for me?
by NYer stuck in Montreal March 18, 2009

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