3 definitions by NUFFSAID82

A fresh pair of white-on-white kicks.
Yo man, you know I had to pull out the fresh whites for the outdoor concert!
by NUFFSAID82 May 01, 2006
National Golden Gloves Championship. A golden glove boxer is anyone who has participated in the national tournament, whether a winner or a loser.
1 I don't know if I want to fight that fool, he's been in a a few golden glove's.

2 That kid a couple of houses down the street is a Golden Glove.
by NUFFSAID82 May 01, 2006
To chip someone up means to mess em up. Derived from what happens to a tooth when it is hit hard. It can also be used to loosely describe an object or a person, especially their face.
Damnnn, those are some serious acne scars. Her face is all chipped up!

That kid needs to stop actin up or I might have to chip him up.
by NUFFSAID82 June 26, 2006

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