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Emphasizes the response to a question. Similar in use to fuck, hellz is used either when such language is inappropriate or when it cannot be used, as in commercials. Rarely if ever used with 'maybe'.
"Did you see that guy trip?"

"Hellz yeah!"

"Did you hear the new Micheal Bolton CD?"

"Hellz no!"
by NTYT January 18, 2006
Adjective. Pronounced "Playks"

Lame. Weak. Sorry situation.
"Then the cops kicked in the door and nabbed Buzzy."

"Plaixe, man."
by NTYT January 18, 2006
1. money, sometimes called dirty dunketts.

2. almost anything one is pursuing.

3. nearly any prize can be called dunketts.
"These McDonald's checks are pathetic! I know I earned more dunketts than this!"

"Once I got my law school degree, those dunketts will make me an official lawyer."

"I got these dunketts from shooting water into a clown's mouth."
by NTYT January 18, 2006
Fillabuster-To shoot a cop. 'Filla' is another way of saying 'fill a', and in this context, it can be assumed the speaker means fill with bullets. 'Buster' refers to how cops call arresting someone busting them.
"One of the cops hit Buzzy when they nabbed him, and he wasn't resisting or nothing. So we're gonna go fillabuster."
by NTYT January 18, 2006

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