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Most often used to describe a form of cheating where the host of an online videogame presses the "standby" button on a cable modem (mostly American models have this on the top or back), causing various things to happen in the game, usually to give the host a huge advantage over other players.
In the unpatched version of Halo 2, the standby button can be used by the host to freeze all the other players in place.

In Splintercell: Pandora Tomorrow, the standby button can be used to redirect another players' path, optimally into the cheaters' traps.
by NOT JACK TOMPSON LOL August 11, 2005
Doing something with stealth, which is usually dangerous, or difficult, and completed in a stylish manner. Derived from the popular videogame Splintercell, which is stealth based.
When I snuck out of school, I did it Splintercell style. I would tell you specifically, but it would compromise the mission and you would become a risk.
by NOT JACK TOMPSON LOL August 08, 2005
A cheer that can be used in any multiplayer videogame, esp. Halo 2, especially used while "storming" and enemy base, or after a difficult accomplishment.
"Hi-Ho Donkey Puncher, CHAAAAARGE!!!"
"Killtacular! Hi-Ho Donkey Puncher!"
by NOT JACK TOMPSON LOL August 18, 2005

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