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n. anger incarnate.
Person 1: Hey, i'll be over in a bit. I had a little situation with a lead pipe and my entire room that i need to clean.
Person 2: Socom 2?
Person 1: Yeah.
by NNNnolan unit March 18, 2004
when something becomes really popular and/or cool.
Skateboarding is so hot right now.
Ryan Cruze? So hot right now.
by NNNnolan unit March 18, 2004
compare something incredibly awesome to this.
dude, this cinimon roll is so good. its like socom II.

I wish god would be there for me sometimes. If only he was socom II.
by NNNnolan unit March 18, 2004
an answer for all questions,statments situations,etc. Can be used in many forms
at the site of pretty much anything: YEAH RIGHT!

Q-"Hey, how many days till we go home?"
A-"Yeah right."

Q-"Hey, wanna join my clan for socom?"
A- "Yeahright." (not in sarcasism, but actual answer)
by NNNnolan unit March 18, 2004
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