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4 definitions by NNNnolan unit

n. anger incarnate.
Person 1: Hey, i'll be over in a bit. I had a little situation with a lead pipe and my entire room that i need to clean.
Person 2: Socom 2?
Person 1: Yeah.
by NNNnolan unit March 18, 2004
47 25
when something becomes really popular and/or cool.
Skateboarding is so hot right now.
Ryan Cruze? So hot right now.
by NNNnolan unit March 18, 2004
21 3
compare something incredibly awesome to this.
dude, this cinimon roll is so good. its like socom II.

I wish god would be there for me sometimes. If only he was socom II.
by NNNnolan unit March 18, 2004
17 8
an answer for all questions,statments situations,etc. Can be used in many forms
at the site of pretty much anything: YEAH RIGHT!

Q-"Hey, how many days till we go home?"
A-"Yeah right."

Q-"Hey, wanna join my clan for socom?"
A- "Yeahright." (not in sarcasism, but actual answer)
by NNNnolan unit March 18, 2004
4 24