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This covers a broad range of people, all of whom voluntarily choose not to take drugs, drink or engage in promiscuous sexual behavior. Other options include abstaining from caffeine, meat, etc. There are a few kinds of sXe'rs in my opinion.

1) Committed people honestly dedicated to keeping their body clean of all toxins for life. While I couldn't live your extremely pure lifestyle, I fully respect your choice to do so, more power to you.

2) Scenester kids who think because sXe is underground it automatically becomes "cool" and start wearing bandannas and the "X" on their hands. Even though I'm not sXe personally, speaking on behalf of friends who are, when you don't make a commitment to the philosophy, you just seem foolish.

3) Hardliners, the people who follow the philosophy to the letter, but more importantly will engage in mass ass-kicking of anyone who doesn't. Now, here's where my disagreement comes into play towards the hardliners. If you want to stay pure as possible, good for you, but for you to harass or assault anyone having a beer responsibly or eating a hamburger for pete's sake, you're a fucking idiot. Case closed.

4) Elitists, the people who honestly believe that because they are sXe, they are automatically better than people who aren't. Listen up elitist fools, (and especially the one who called me evil this past weekend for having 1 beer at a restaurant) whether you want to believe it or not, you're human just as we all are, and just because you keep yourself pure does NOT make you "better" than other people. Real sXe'rs dislike you because your high and mighty attitude discredits their philosophy, as well they should.
Real sXer: "I don't drink, smoke or take drugs."

Scenester: "sXe is cool, yeah!"

Hardliner: "How dare you drink a beer! I'll kick your ass!"

Elitist: "Being straight edge means I'm better than you!"
by NMMan February 19, 2007

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