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drity dogs are White gang that started in the new york state prison system and spilled out into the streets in the past 8 years the majority of the members are from the bronx and yonkers they are a 1% biker gang who incorparates white nationalist idealogy they number in the hunderds and are know for criminal activity and violance
drity dogs for ever for ever drity dogs
by NLR718 July 09, 2006

any one can make a hate speach from zionist,black nationalist,white natioanlist,Communist,marxist To mainstream politicans. hate speach is when someone advocates hatred towards another group of people
farrakan is famous for anti-white hate speach
by NLR718 June 05, 2006

hate-edge A song coined by the America oi! band the anti heros. ALSO a White street gang that was formed in tomkins square park on the lower east side of new york city In 1991. In differant parts of the country It means differant things,But In New York It's a gang & If you claim to be a member of it faulsely You could be subjected to serious Violance
hate-edge made new yorks gang files in the mid 1990's .
by NLR718 June 05, 2006

Mud Skins or muddy skins Is what many Skinheds In the Midwest,north west and southern states refere to as Skinheads In the north Eastern United states Because Of the ethnic diversity amoung the subculture in that region even amoung racist skinheads in that area you will Find the majority to be Puerto Rican,portugess,spainairds,Black Irish,Southern Italians,Greeks,Slovics,Half jewish and other varities that many racial sepratist would deem as racial impure
Despite the fact that Spaniards,Greeks,Black Irish & southern Italians are Legally and socially concidered White many hardcore racist reject these ethnic groups as muds and call Skinheads from these ethnic backrounds or skinheads from large metro areas where these ethnic groups are the majority of the White population Muds or Mud Skins
by Nlr718 December 16, 2006

mc mollies is another name for mc donalds due to the fact that mc donalds has so many moolies who work and eat their

I don't want to go into mc moolies and give them my money
by NLR718 June 19, 2006

9% is offten a code for white people used by white nationalist,nazis,bikers,skinheads and so on becuase whites are actually a global minority and do make up only 9% of the earths populations

who would you like to meet? 9%,loyalist,patriots,skinheads
by NLR718 July 09, 2006
a person or group of squaters who are very selective on who they allow to live in the squat
a squat nazi might not allow some one who uses drugs to stay at their squat or they might not allow someone with differant politics to stay at their squat .
by NLR718 June 05, 2006
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