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81 definitions by NLR718


Ward Churchill is a social marxist who is probably more dangrous then any neo-nazi or radical white sepratist in this country because he is allowed free speach and a venue for his propaganda they are not!

Ward Churchill lied about beeing native American and demanded affrimitive action-witch is actually pretty cool more whites should try to milk a system that spits on them and lie about beeing minorties on applacations
by NLR718 July 09, 2006

mc mollies is another name for mc donalds due to the fact that mc donalds has so many moolies who work and eat their

I don't want to go into mc moolies and give them my money
by NLR718 June 19, 2006
If someone says he looks like he's been hit with the tar brush It means he looks mixed with Black
Derek jeter has been hit with the tar brush
by NLR718 June 05, 2006
a person or group of squaters who are very selective on who they allow to live in the squat
a squat nazi might not allow some one who uses drugs to stay at their squat or they might not allow someone with differant politics to stay at their squat .
by NLR718 June 05, 2006
A turm used by homo sexuals in the prison systems To describe Draping a sheet from the top bunk over the bottom bunk while two homo sexuals have sex!
I bet If you went to prison you would get a ride in a covered wagon
by NLR718 June 03, 2006

9% is offten a code for white people used by white nationalist,nazis,bikers,skinheads and so on becuase whites are actually a global minority and do make up only 9% of the earths populations

who would you like to meet? 9%,loyalist,patriots,skinheads
by NLR718 July 09, 2006
redneck is a word That can be either used as a racial slur or a attack on someones Social ecconomic status.The Turm Originated In the 1500's In Yorkshire Engalnd It was a Class turm that was applied To the surf class.It was brought to the Americas and was used as the same kind of insult Because many Early Americans where from the Surf classes of England Such as Farmers/Laborers and Indentured servents
Back in the days a so called Gentelmen would be riding along in his horse cart with his collar shirt and see some poor slob slaving away on someone else farm a redneck for wearing no collar and call him a redneck
by Nlr718 February 05, 2008