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The rate at which a person moves from one place to another. Derived from the time it takes for someone's ass to get over here.
"Man, at his ass speed it will midnight before we get going."
by NJumper March 21, 2010
The act of dressing up to receive attention. This is derived from the term Peacocking. This is when people dress up to recieve attention from possible mates, like how male peacocks display their feathers.

Possible feathers are bracelets, belts, hats, necklaces, and anything out of the ordinary.
Paul: Are we going out tonight?

Nick: Yeah man, feather up! We are going to that new bar on Thayer Street.
by NJumper May 03, 2010
The name given to a person that controls situations, as in the one who pulls the strings. This is the person that gets stuff done fast. This person has the plan and it is awesome.
Paul: This party is crazy! How'd you pull it off?

Nick: Wasn't me, Strings took care of it. Now excuse me it's my turn to ride the penguin down the water-slide.
by NJumper April 06, 2010

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