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Stands for "Itchy foot of death"

For anyone who has ever had an itchy foot, they know,
scratching it does not help.
Hence the name, Itchy foot of death.
Usually shortened for online use: iFOD
Guy 1: Dude I was watching a movie and I got the iFOD
Guy 2: That sucks man! I hate that, there is no relief
by NINJuhh November 01, 2009
An expression or declaration of objection, disapproval, or dissent, in opposition to something via text message
Saying "Say no 2 eatng meat" via text message would be a protext
by NINJuhh October 05, 2009
Another name for blue balls,
the dull pain caused by abruptly stopping sexual actions.
This is often used to sound smarter in front of someone who doesn't know better. Also used in front of women, so they don't catch on to what you are saying.
Friend 1: I just got Cerulean Orbs
Friend 2: Man! that sucks
Girl 1: What is that?
by NINJuhh December 01, 2009
Shortened term for

"Fuck forgetfulness, you asshole, okay?"
In other words, "Stop being forgetful, its annoying!"
Commonly used term among internet chatrooms/ networking sights
Guy 1: "Dude, I forgot where I put my keys, I cant drive you later"

Guy 2: "FFUAOK!"
by NINJuhh October 12, 2009

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