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n. Stud+Pimp or a "studly pimp".

Used to describe an exceptionally good-looking, pimpin', badass ladies man.

Stimp refers in general to any of the admirable qualities evident in the people you wish you were (like that guy who seduced your girlfriend).

Stimp is a collective phrase encompassing those things women find most attractive in men, e.g. winning everything, having lots of money, being fly, smelling good, dressing like you give style advice to GQ and most of all, being uncommonly skilled in the bedroom.

adj. Stimp is also used to refer to the arrestingly cool qualities of inanimate objects or actions
Dude your little brother is such a stimp! He told me he banged Tracy on your bed while you were in Austin last weekend!

This stimp jacket is guaranteed to get you noticed.

These Air Force 1's used to be stimp.
by NG-MP February 02, 2011

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