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When you get so addicted to Neopets, you visit the site everyday and it gives you a tingly pleasure.
Kendra feels a neogasm every time she plays Dubloon Disaster.
by Newb May 05, 2006
When a person attempts lame suicide that purposely doesnt kill them, meanwhile it would be better off if it does.
Arthur attempts emocide ->
www.dtrades.org/ uploads/ photo-5609.jpg
by newb May 15, 2006
1. A elite force of people that play socom. 2. Trigger Happy Soldiers 3. The best of the best!
<THS>Laltoo and <THS>Metro are the leaders of <THS>.
That fucking <THS> clan is so good at socom.
People get raped when the play against <THS>.
by NEWB November 01, 2003
A Ford lover
hay doods, i love my ford
by newb July 19, 2003

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