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It's a large town in New Jersey that has many schools. This town has too many Wawas and Mcdonalds that a town would ever need. It is located near seaside heights, bricktown, manchester,island heights and beachwood. It is known for its cancerous tap water and the home of the little league world champs. There is a mixture of different social classes in this town, but most people are middle class. The housing consists of anything from trailers to mansions, but mostly mid size houses. The night life in this town could be better, but its not too bad. Many people like to go to the Office Lounge, Fridays, Tiffany's, McIntyres Pub, but many people also like to get out of Toms River and go to places in Seaside Heights, Pt. Pleasant or Belmar. There is a large population of teenagers that have rice burner cars. They like to bring there lawn mower sounding automobiles to white castle, wawa and checkers during the late weekend nights. They hang out there until the police chase them out.
Toms River produces good baseball and bad tap water.
by NDAMIX April 23, 2006

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