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A snarky shirt containing a silk-screened image that's intended to be accepted and received by other's as a normal 'funny t-shirt,' while conveying a hidden message about an incident that everyone who's 'in the loop' should know about.
CP and Kobe wore their jimshirts to work today. No one else noticed that the Berzerk message was about the memo that went out last week.
by NCdubmixer January 11, 2010
When someone shares too much personal information about someone else's private life when gossiping.
Coworker #1: "Did you hear about Adam?"

Coworker #2: "No, what happened?"

Coworker #1: "He got an STD from a girl he met on Myspace."

Coworker #2: "t.m.i. TMZ - I don't need or want to know that."
by NCdubmixer January 28, 2011
To leave the TV on a channel that annoys someone else in the house when turning off the TV.
I get SO mad when I see the Lifetime network everytime I turn the tv on. I started Leaving the seat up on the TiVo and changing the channel to NFL Network before I turn the TV off.
by NCdubmixer February 06, 2011
When a kid is so cute that all their pictures look calendar worthy.
Yeah. That kid's adorable ... he's calendar cute!
by NCdubmixer February 05, 2011
Adding filler words & phrases to make what is being said sound more important.
Someone uttering useless sayings like, "At the end of the day ..., " "In reality ... , " & "To be honest with you ..." is guilty of serving verbal carbs.
by NCdubmixer September 12, 2011
When attending a training or conference, and whenever the speaker says something, the crowd nods knowingly and approvingly in unison.

It's a way to appear engaged without learning a god damn thing because nothing of substance is being offered.

The speaker goes on thinking he has made a difference, and the crowd goes home feeling like they are a part of something bigger.
Dan sat thru another wasted day at the conference. Realizing when he left, all that got accomplished was a handful of nonprofit nods to make everyone feel good.
by ncdubmixer December 02, 2014
Being creepy to the point where it becomes a noteworthy trait.
"Mary unfriended Chris on facebook. She went so far as to block Jim."
"Yeah, Jim's def got Creep Cred is she blocked him!"
by ncdubmixer December 16, 2014

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