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6 definitions by NAzi Are Back

A country that has land which has not been killed by industried such as corporate America
Nigger : Yoa dawg my throats killin i cant breathe
Wigger : Yo bwai we need to hit some sri lankan air. Theyz gots no dumbass punanis over dere.
A. Homles : I wanna come too.
Nigger and Wigger : Yo fuck off cracka
*A. Holmes gets his ass kicked
by NAzi Are Back January 15, 2004
the sound you here when a trigger is pulled
Bang Bang your dead foo
by NAzi Are Back December 25, 2003
a fag. using dre in his name to sound popular
Yo wtf is dre t doin here online yo lets ship em off to niggerville
by NAzi are back July 01, 2003
A extremely poweful gun in counter strike with a slow recoil. If it is used by one often a l337 can take the individial out.
n00b(terrorist): yo |\|o0b stop a\/\/p1n6

awper(ct): y0 fuck 0ff 6h3y j00b 570p c4mp1n6.

l337(terrorist): Fucking noobs *fire in the hole*

*Terrorist win*
by NAzi Are Back January 01, 2004
A sick program used to share files.
Assclat: Dude did you download 'kaaaze'
Person: Fuckoff newb its pronouced kuhza you fucking assclat
by NAzi Are Back January 01, 2004
a proffesional way of saying For sure my nigger.
Indubitably i want a pound not a dime
by NAzi are Back December 11, 2003