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A "Scene kid" is someone who tries to be differen't but looks like clones with the rest of their friends. They wear really tight pants to the point of not being able to sit down. For scene girls leg warmers are OVER the jeans and fishnets are a MUST. Tons of eyeliner make them look "kool" and they have about five digital camera's for their myspace .. facebook.. xanga.. livejournal.. bebo.. ect.. wherever they can whore themselves. They only know one html code and its ♥. They are OBSESSED with Hello Kitty and The Nightmare Before Christmas. They have huge WHITE rimmed sunglasses and thick BLACK rimmed glasses (if needed). They have either 1 or two lip peirces or a nose peircing. They wear only things from hot topic (for the dark colors) and aeropostale (for the bright colors). They never say they are scene they are either punk or a raver, when really they would never be any of those.. they'd cry if they went to a punk rock concert. Every year they think about going to Warped Tour but decide not to because their face would melt off (literally) from the heat. Their shoes are flats with broken or bleeding hearts on them or striped OR skulled/ polka dotted. They think they like Something Corporate but maybe only like one song but love how emo/ scene everyone thinks they are. Scene boys wear tight pants because a lump ACTUALLY appears so it makes them feel better about themself. The penis they do have is awefully small and has been in multipul guys' anal holes.. and they whore themselves out to all the girls. Normally they wear tight band shirts or maybe skater shirts when they don't even know how to skate because if they've tried they fell and cried. The only shoes that are in their closet is every color converse and their everyday essential is their clip on key chain to clip to their pants. They normally have their ears gaged lip/ eyebrow/ nose/ everything.. peirced and maybe a few useless tats to feel special and unique. They secretly love Simple Plan and cry during Hawthorne Heights and Deth Cab for Cutie (maybe even Good Charlotte). They also secretly listen to rap because it talks about the sex they will never have. They normally travel in groups of five (they've kissed, made out with, and fucked all five) and look all the same. Their parents think they are gay.
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Example Scene Kid aim (girl): x hardcore
Example Scene Kid aim (boy): She Killed Me

Example Scene Kid E-mail (girl): LetxTearsxFall OR TearsxOfxBlack
Example E-mail Scene Kid (boy): KillxMexNow
by NAMEISKATELYN December 15, 2006

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