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Notorious for its toxicity, Jimson Weed is a large flowering plant with the genus Datura and the family Solanaceae. It has long white trumpet-like flowers. Its seeds grow in pods and can be consumed (or its leaves can be smoked) to produce an extremely potent psychoactive effect.

A typical dose is 5 to 7 seeds, but it has been reported effective in as little as 2. An overdose can cause delirium, delusions, paralysis, stupor and death. This is due to its dangerous combination of atropine, scopolamine, and hyoscyamine.

Its effects are said to always trigger a 24 to 48 hour anticholinergic delirium, which basically means the user is incapable of distinguishing fantasy from reality - NOT to be confused with hallucination in which the user may know is false interpretation. Overall, no matter how bizarre things get, the user will still find the twisted reality credible.

Users report when they are not hallucinating, they still are susceptible to abnormal actions which the user perceives as normal, and things the user would never do seem like just an everyday activity: ie. Rearranging furniture into one corner of the room in a very obviously impractical way, but the user, completely aware of what they are doing still does not see it as abnormal and may believe they are doing something useful.

Common Names: Devil's Apple; Thorn Apple; Stinkweed; Devil's Weed; Malpitte; Moonflower; Toloache; Angel's Trumpet; Daemon's Trumpet
Where the f*ck is my snowsuit!?
Dude, it's July. What do you need a snowsuit f..
Can't you see I'm trying to fix the TV? Now where the f*ck is my damn snowsuit? F*CK!
Up your ass!
**Looks up Ass**
You asshole I wasn't even asking you dude, I was asking Tikiman.
Wow that Jimson Weed still has you f*cked up dude, don't take so many seeds next time!
by N8Duff August 16, 2008
Someone who volunteers to keep an eye on someone who is intoxicated. They are always sober, or at least have control over themselves and are able to "sit" (babysit) the intoxicated person to prevent them from accidentally harming themselves (from falling and such). They should be someone trustworthy. This practice is recommended for strong mind-altering psychedelic drugs, such as Salvia, Phencycladine, Jimson Weed, and Ketamine.

Synonym: SS, SS Guard
Hey will you be my sober sitter? I really wanna try salvia.
Sure man, whatever.
by N8Duff July 06, 2008
A medium-sized or thin blunt consisting of both Cannabis Sativa (Marijuana) and Salvia Divinorum (Magic Mint, Sally). The first 75% of the blunt smoked is Marijuana, while the last quarter smoked contains pure Salvia (preferably extract). Both ingredients are NOT mixed together for the purpose of getting very stoned to prepare for a much more massive, potent, enhanced, and long-lasting Salvia trip. It is called the Suicide Blunt because it is usually smoked by one person, whom usually after the trip is overwhelmed by the mind-blowing experience.

Synonyms: Suie
Dude, will you watch me 'cause I wanna smoke this suie.
Yo, that shit's crazy, you sure?
Yeah man, I hear it's wicked.
Aright, I'll be the SS

You like that roll job?
Yeah dude, nice - it's a masterpiece! Let's smoke it.
One of us should be sober, it's a suicide blunt, man.
Aw shit! I'll smoke the first half with you if you want.
Nah, I wanna trip balls.
by N8Duff July 06, 2008
Refers to a Sober Sitter, which involves a safety precaution in which one sober person will "sit", or watch over somebody undergoing heavy intoxication. The aim is to prevent injury and accidents.
Holy sh*t - are you trippin' on that sh*t too?
Nah man, I'm the SS guard tonight.
by N8Duff August 16, 2008
Refers to a Sober Sitter, or someone who watches over somebody intoxicated with an extremely potent psychoactive drug to prevent them from harming themselves or breaking things by accident.
Yo I really wanna try Jimson Weed, will you be my SS?
Yeah, I guess I owe you for that time you were my SS when I smoked Salvia. That was wicked, eh?
Hell yeah.
by N8Duff August 16, 2008

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