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Getting off inside the rolls of fat women.
I got a roll job from that hot 300lb bitch last night, and it took me an hour to clean my dick of the bacon fat and pieces of chicken
by TimH December 29, 2003
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Similar to titty fucking, a roll job is the sexual act of rubbing your penis between the fat rolls of an obese person, preferably to climax.
Your mom gives the best roll jobs.
by i fuck fat bitches August 18, 2009
putting your dick in a womans rolls of fat. usually used to make fun of someones girl friend.
"Hey did you get some roll jobs from your fat girlfriend?"

"Fuck you man"
by deg8693 September 16, 2008
when an obese woman (melisinde) uses her fat to get a guy (dirka) off
lol, melisinde gave dirka a rolljob
by celeross April 08, 2006
A fat fetish. Involves one sticking his dick in a fat chick's roll and fucking that said roll
Asshole 1: Dude, Martha's MILFjust gave me a rolljob! Asshole 2: What the fuck is wrong with you?
by ArchwiselfiendIII August 09, 2010

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