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A dievious or mishchievous person; someone who wishes ill-fate upon another.
Bill is such a jackal for cheating on the exam.
by N3cr0n0mIV October 18, 2003
A tough predicament; an unpleasant or burdensome task.
That's some rough bidness there, Bobby!
by N3cr0n0mIV October 18, 2003
A cold, alchoholic beverage(i.e. beer).
I'm gonna have me some cold beverages tonight!
by N3cr0n0mIV October 18, 2003
The uncool way to spell "cool". Commonly used by Internet geeks.
That website is really kewl!
by N3cr0n0mIV October 18, 2003
Abbreviation for "hard on" (i.e. erect penis)
"Damn, looking in this Hustler mag gave me one hell of an H-on!"
by N3cr0n0mIV June 26, 2004
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