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2 definitions by N0C0D3

Anything But Homework Disorder: A condition in which the person affected compulsively looks for things to do in order to avoid, or just procrastinate, doing her homework. It is quite common among High School and College students alike.
Guy: I have ABHD
Girl: Oh, really?
Guy: Yes, Anything But Homework Disorder,... it's pretty bad,... really...
by N0C0D3 May 07, 2011
Anything But Homework Disorder. It is characterized by compulsive need to come up with things to do in order to avoid doing the school work. Many high school and college students suffer from this condition.
Guy:"I have the A.B.H.D."
Guy:"Yes Anything But Homework Disorder. I hate that class."
by N0C0D3 May 17, 2011