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95 definitions by N/A

to physically or mentally over extend oneself
"Dude, don't overprojaculate yourself."
by N/A January 29, 2004
A person who thinks he's really good.
One think I hate about Warboards is that it's infested with Mtankhas.
by N/A August 31, 2004
And imogen and mati
(He fancies them)
by n/a May 20, 2004
what you say to keep little kids distracted while you stuff a rabbit in a hat
abra cadabra alacazam...kds close your eyes for a second!
by n/a February 19, 2005
Formerly Lummox #1. The only Lummox known to have had negative points. He was therefore booted from the Lummox and is referred to as negative one.
Negative one lost so may points he was booted out.
by N/A December 19, 2003
The pubic hair of a woman's vagina completely shaved clean. No pubic hair on a woman's vagina.
When Tracy pulled off her panties, I expected a furburger but instead she was bluemajuicin!
by N/A December 13, 2003
A slut; The bitch who loves the cock; Loves getting owned in the ass
A spanish teacher
by n/a June 13, 2003