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The flagship and offical airlines of Germany.
by n/a August 08, 2003
36 14
1.) A person in NY.
2.) One who is extremely fat and eats everything possible in sight; a fat ass.
"The guy in McDonald's is such a schmarder."
"I hope I never have to share a seat on the bus with a schmarder again, the seat almost broke!"
by N/A April 21, 2005
32 12
A grocery store where which the courtesy clerks MUST take the customers groceries to his or her vehicle, ran or shine!
Taking out peoples shit fucking sucks
by N/A September 26, 2004
29 13
The main charater of Family Guy
by N/A July 24, 2003
62 48
Sthu, like stfu is another abr. where lazy people choose, to be lazy. It means "Shut the hell up!". Like stfu...
E.g. #1: "Sthp asswipe!"
by N/A April 16, 2005
23 11
(adj) To be both puzzled and confused at the same time.
That makes no sense! I'm confoozled!
by n/a March 04, 2003
22 10
Went to go get water. Used in Instant Messaging. (esp. AIM, MSN, Yahoo, IW)
wtggw, so ill brb -or- wtggw.. and solving the h20 crisise!
by N/A July 06, 2004
17 6