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A set of principles permitting greater opportunity or liberty to one than to another, especially the granting of greater sexual freedom to men than to women.
If a male has lots of sex, he's looked well upon.
If a female has lots of sex, she is considered a slut.
by N/A November 06, 2003
One of the greatest symphonic/power metal bands around. Doesn't need to be rough and in your face like other metal bands.
One of their greatest songs is "Thunders Mighty Roar"
by n/a January 29, 2005
i am tashi
by n/a September 10, 2003
When its actually snowing on Christmas morning.
Now thats a WHITE Christmas.N/A
by N/A January 02, 2004
someone beautiful, and unique that everyone loves the way she acts. shes a very outgoing person with a unique name. everyone loves being around her and her enemies are just jealous of what shes got
shes got it all. theres so much to say. She can be described as a rose; beautiful, loving, admirable, etc.
by n/a April 21, 2005
The japanese name for "Godzila." He first appeared in Japan in the movie "Gojira" in 1954. This movie was later released as "Godzilla, King of the Monsters," in 1956 in the USA.
Look out! It's Gojira!
by N/A January 27, 2004
Slang term which means " everything is chaos." Mostly heard and used in Canada
When I walked in on Adam and Ian they were having a gongshow of a power shower.
by N/A June 20, 2004

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