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The sound Pac-Man makes as he moves across the board
woka woka woka woka woka
#pacman #power pellet #inky #blinky #pinky #clyde
by Myxomorph October 09, 2007
Also known as an Hu. 1 Human Unit is the average amount of space taken by a single human, usually a 1 to 1.5 foot column around a person who is standing still. Many people like to take up several Hus, especially those who think they are exempt from the 'get the hell out of my personal space' rule.

Human units are used in places like movie theaters, where individuals are only given a certain amount of space, as well as in determining 'maximum occupancy' for any particular public place.
"This bed is made for 2 adults. If you don't want to sleep on the couch, you will learn to take up fewer human units."

- A Wife to her Husband
#personal space #privacy #human #size #unit #hu
by Myxomorph June 20, 2009
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