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The sound Pac-Man makes as he moves across the board
woka woka woka woka woka
by Myxomorph October 09, 2007
An indoor cricket player adept at making sneaky runs.
Did you see that woka run?
by Anonymous July 06, 2003
Woka was originally used as term to describe a nose when heavily intoxicated.
Drunk guy to his friend: "So the guy came up to me trying to act all up, and i gave him a punch right in the middle of his woka!"
by Jude360 April 11, 2010
A person who tries to play indoor cricket, yet always forgets his leotards.
Oh boy, i have done a woka
by punani June 03, 2003
a word used to show emphasis on something
or a stupid pet name for one of your best friends.
Can also be used as a word said over and over to annoy people.

(originally created by 2 girls who were immitating rappers scratching their records: woka woka woka!)
"Hey Woka! That was a huge test today woka!"

He went to McDonalds to get a woka with cheese."

(A cow flys over the moon) Woka!!!

(A bomb goes off in your house) WOKA!!!! Woka!!!

by Stephani November 30, 2006
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