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Mayan, it roughly translated into english means "I am another yourself"
Inlakesh man, we are like brothers the way we reflect each other. Or, Inlakesh, I guess we are all like individual drops of rain falling into one grand ocean afterall.
by Mythod February 06, 2010
A person of hope, understanding, and visionary knowledge, capable of communicating large and complex ideas in simple ways to many people. An oracle of worldly knowledge, with a grounded spiritual inclination towards relating and understanding men and women of all races and tribes. A visionary.
That was so Delphius the way that person spoke about our situation. Like they knew and understood.

Or, That speech was Delphius. It spoke the truth in ways I never knew the truth could be spoken, it made me think, yo.
by mythod February 03, 2010
The ability to tell grand stories of mythic proportions, in a way that suspends disbelief, using a method of skill and determination usually learned over years of hard work and dedication. The end result is a riveting story that makes people think about the world around them.
The use of the Mythod approach towards storytelling, can often render the final work close to a masterpiece, capable of reaching further into the meaning of the characters plight, while maintaining peoples attention, in a way that resonates with the audience more than the usual story can.
by mythod February 03, 2010

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