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Pronouced "Jay"

Commonly used in South Africa

Used to call a individual or shout at them

usually placed in front of their nick name

commonly amongst all south Africans these days.
Tim: Djy! ma se kind (hey!!!! mothers child)

Originated from the South African coloured slang yet used
by Mystro55 September 29, 2011
Pronouced: "Ouw" like Ouch! yet Ouwwww

The start of a greeting to another individuals nick name. Commonly used in South Africa.
Oww Homeslice! Bring me some pie!

Oww Proffesor Redman, how you doing over there mate?!

Owww Superhero! Wheres the party at bro?

Oww Poepface! When we jamming some tunes bra?!
by Mystro55 September 29, 2011
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