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Not to be confused with Parasyte, this is a life-sucking organism that lives off the host.
Damn metroid parasites!
by Mystery Man January 28, 2003
Name of the #6 Horse at Arlington Heights Race Track in Illinois where his name was screamed as "You go Tit" in front of a croud by a small boy, won $0.00, came in last place
Ugotit baby!
by Mystery Man November 14, 2003
l33t (but new) NES hacker
Go go DahrkDaiz
by Mystery Man January 28, 2003
Funny words which mean you're saying something you don't literally mean.
English teachers like to give you nice terms like "Figurative language". It's just useless new names for things you already know.
by Mystery Man January 28, 2003
1.) What happens when you type too fast.
2.) What happens when you can't spell.
3.) What happens when you're drunk and start dancing on the keyboard.
That sarcasuim really helped me, man.
by Mystery Man February 03, 2003
likes to bend over infront of young innocent children, has a distinctive smell, usually has a rather large nipple on, hangs out of tops on a regular basis, see munter
omg, miss D has a huge nipple on, she nearly poked my eye out
by mystery man April 19, 2005
Kejardon's misspelling of 'villain'.
<Kejardon> That goes against the Villian's handbook
by Mystery Man February 07, 2003

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