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to miss a penalty kick
He should have made that but he totally beckhamed.
by Myles Longstein June 24, 2004
Sex that occurs only before marriage.
Moshe complained to his friends: "Oiy Vay, since my wedding day, I haven't been able to shtup my wife!!! WHO KNEW!!!"
by Myles Longstein June 23, 2004
When you squat over a womans face and place a testicle in each eye socket, she licks your ass while you "shift gears" with your hot rod. Can also be know as "face racing".
See Russian Goggles
My wife gave me a Goggles Pizzano last night and when I shifted into high gear, I blew a nut and gave her face a high octane load of man sauce!
by Myles Longstein June 25, 2004
The ability to have anal sex while facing your partner.
Victoria no longer needs to bury her face in the pillow while being cornholed since I am Bended like Beckham.
by Myles Longstein June 23, 2004

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