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3 definitions by Mycoplasma

An excuse that noob admins use to boot people who are better than them.
Player: "woot! I have 20 kills and only one death!"
Admin: I'm sorry sir, but im going to have to boot you because you're lagging
by Mycoplasma August 06, 2006
An online programmer's resource created by Microsoft; short for Microsoft Developer's Network.
MSDN is one of those things that works in theory, but not in practice.
by mycoplasma November 14, 2006
A security measure invented by Microsoft that protects your computer from viruses by making it freeze so you cant use the internet.
I was about to finish my tax return when BSOD came up. Thank God Microsoft protected me from the apparent virus that is turbotax!
by Mycoplasma August 04, 2006