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v. to bukkake in a sneaky or stealthy manner
see bukkake
Upon waking, Mary thought she'd been visited by the semen fairy; she didn't realize that Larry and Ed had ninja bukkake'd her during the night.
by MyPlaceIsInTheKitchenGirl November 03, 2005
1. A magical creature that leaves semen in unexpected places.
2. A common excuse given to explain why there is cum on your sheets when you can't remember how it got there.
3. An alternative to whorish behavior.
Her roommate accused her of having sex in her bed, but she claimed it was the work of the semen fairy.
by MyPlaceIsInTheKitchenGirl November 03, 2005
n. /ass-hoe-el/
1) An endearing asshole.
2) An affectionate term for a thoroughly contemptible, detestable person.
3) (One who) Gives you a slap on the ass.
Kyle had to be an asshoel because even though he was her best friend, she still hated him for scarring her for life.
by myplaceisinthekitchengirl December 13, 2005

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