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Someone who lives and breathes bullshit.
Even the carbon dioxide that they exhale has bullshit.

They have the tendancy to lie about the smallest things to make themselves seem better.
Tommy: Wow Cindy, You're slow. I finished my chemistry homework yesterday!
Cindy: Yeah right.
-Few hours later-
Tommy: Cindy! I need help with my chemistry homework!
Cindy: You just told me you finished it!
-Few hours later-
Cindy: Tommy is such a bullshitter
by MyNameIsJonas August 25, 2006
Noun. Any area populated or the majority of the people there are boppers.
In order to identify boppers look for the backpacks.(Mall)

See: Bopper
Jonas: Dude, I'm going to go visit Bonnie at boppervill.
Tommy: Sure. I'll tag along
by MyNameIsJonas August 14, 2006
A cramp in your arm in which the pain is such a bother you ignore everything thats going on around you. Even near death.
-River rafting-
Tony: Ok Tommy! Oh.... arm cramp. -Chops at arm-
-Crashes into a rock-
by MyNameIsJonas August 22, 2006
1.) State of feeling sleepy or nearing a yawn.

2.) A alternative spelling for someone named "Yannie".
Person A: Its pretty late now I'm feeling yawnie.
Person B: You go to sleep.

Me: Hey Yawnie you feeling yawnie yet?
Yannie: Shut up.
by MyNameIsJonas May 29, 2006
The proper way to pronounce the name Ashley.
Jonas: What was your name again? Ash-lei Pananagaman?
Ashley: No! It's pronounced Ashlee!
by MyNameIsJonas August 05, 2007
A uncommon name.
Although now commonly used in band names.

Often mispelled or misunderstood
Me: You listen to that song by Weezer? Its called My Name Is Jonas
You: Wtf?

In-And-Out worker: What is your name?
Jonas: Jonas
In-And-Out worker: Jones...Joe?, your order is ready!
by MyNameIsJonas August 14, 2006

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