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2 definitions by MyNameIsInUseByAnotherUser

Involuntary, muscle spasm particularly in the hand, arm, or leg caused by quick movements. Generally results from playing too many video games.
"Dude, that monster almost got you!"

"I know, the only thing that saved me was my gamers twitch!"
by MyNameIsInUseByAnotherUser January 10, 2008
A game where if one individual claps three times in quick succession, as in only 1 or 2 seconds between claps, he may backhand another guy in the balls unless the recipient claps once before contact is made or three seconds pass. If the attacker follows through with the strike anyway, the recipient is allowed to hit/kick/punch the original attacker with as much force as humanly possible.
Lets go tigers, lets go.
*three claps*
*hit neighbor in the nuts*
*neighbor doubles over*
by MyNameIsInUseByAnotherUser October 06, 2007