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Three singers: Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, and Kevin Jonas. I don't like them but I don't hate them. Lots of people (mostly 10-year-old girls) like them. They mostly sing about love. Lots of people call them gay, which I think is annoying, and make jokes about them f--king little kids, which is also annoying because they wear purity rings. Also I think they copied some bands, like:
My Chemical Romance (watch The Ghost Of You music video and the Lovebug video. Also listen to the chorus of Thank You For The Venom and the chorus of Girl Of My Dreams. And the Famous Last Words video and the Burnin' Up video- the jacket!!!)
Death Cab For Cutie (Listen to I Will Follow You Into The Dark, then Love Is On It's Way)
New Found Glory (watch the Failure's Not Flattering video and then the Pizza Girl video)
^^^^^Tell me those aren't similar. And I only know because I used to like them and I saw the Pizza Girl video on TV. I listen to the other bands now.
Tweenie bopper: "OMJ!!!! Did you hear the new Jonas Brothers album???"
Cool person: "No. I don't listen to the Jonas Brothers. How many times do I have to tell you that before you leave me alone!?"
by MyChemicalApocalypse July 15, 2009
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