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The hand your often masturbate with, a pun to Angelina Jolie
Forever Alone Guy: Be right back, gonna have a quick meeting with Handgelina Jolie
by MutahMan February 19, 2011
1. Literal definition: bedbug. It is used by Sunnis to call Shias as it is said Shias suck the blood of Sunnis and put it in their food and on their alams.
Shia: stfu noob, I'll bring khatmatron on ur ass
by MutahMan October 09, 2010
1. A type of temporary marriage which is often used for legal sex
2. The only halal thing that Shias get high off of
bro 1: Damn bro, I just had mutah with the sexiest ass chick last night.
bro 2: sick nigga, hook me up, i need some mutah too yo

brother in islam: hey girl wanna hook up for mutah? qabiltu qabiltu
sister in islam: shut the farooq up perv *slaps with roti*
by MutahMan October 03, 2010
The most well known Pakistani Shia word used. The A is dropped from Ali to become Liiii, and when said, it intensifies the matamdari by 100x.
Anjuman: Abid-e-Beemaar ki aankhon sai khoon rukta nahi
by MutahMan October 15, 2010
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