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3 definitions by Museite

An overrated South African rugby team hailing from Pretoria and compete in the Currie Cup who are generally renowned to be (among other things) brainless, overweight, beer-swilling, louts. Also used to refer to their fans who reflect the rugby team exceptionally well in the above attributes.
"Why is he drooling like that?"
"He's a Blue Bulls supporter"
by Museite October 17, 2008
An internet user who upon noticing that some internet content such as a blog, social networking update etc. has yet to be commented on, types the comment 'First'.

This often serves no purpose other than achieve some form of self-gratification, self-esteem boost, validation or attention-mongering.

An excellent indication of the low-mindset and intelligence level of those who indulge in such practices.

First trolls are excellent pickings for counter-trollers in flaming.
Why did he put 'first'?
They're just a first troll.
by Museite August 03, 2010
For the damn win - An expanded and superior version of FTW
You totally owned that guy!

Yeah! FTDW!
by Museite August 20, 2010