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An angry seagull is a sexual term, it refers to the act of hiding in a cupboard or other item of furnishings and viewing a couple engageing in an act of passion i.e. fucking eachother senseless, this is common when a husband is spying on his wife while shes having sex with someone else, the act may be commited whilst sipping a refreshing beverage, whilst watching the dirty pervert will toss ones self off (for our American readers, Jerk ones self off) and Jizz into ones hand, he will then proceed to break free off his hiding place and run at the couple doing the dirty yelling caaaa caaaa, like a seagull, and waving ones arms in a windmill effect, also similiar to a seagull, this will mean ones love potion is flung over the horny couple rendering them both disgruntled and embarresed.
"I bust a naughty all over your mommas face last night ciril", "I know Germentrude i was watching from a wardrobe, i was planning to commit the Angry seagul but unfortunately i didnt make a sexy explosion in time", "Oh what a dreadful shame my good man, well better luck next time", "Why thankyou my dear friend i will practice more for next time"
by Muhammed Legend June 16, 2007
The word Jizz is used to refer to ones sexy spray which is emmited from the end of ones falice (the cum shot shooting out your dong). The word canon here refers to ones falice, penis, nob, dick, cock, dong, pencil, pink flute, weapon of mass destruction (in some cases destraction) and so on, let us not be distracted by theses many words used to refer to ones meat as it where. Henceforth Jizz Canon is a term used to describe the frightfully large male genetalia, of which i myself own, this object is so large that when it emmits its Jizz it fires it with such high pressure through the japs eye, much like a supersoker, that the jizz may actually cause damage to a person or object, the act is viewed as something of a display of male dominance and is also refered to as a sexy explosion.
"Reauri did you hear with your ears how during my sanhurst days i was fast tracked to the rank of brigadier for my impressively immense genitalia, i was then sent to the disagreement in Iraq and my penis was actually used as a canon to blast Iraqi insurgents out of there hiding places, it was called a supersoaker, i tell you i do that this here bell caused the death of Osama Bin Ladin, i stuck him down and your Sergent Wayne King over there dribbled on him apparently it was like napalm"
"Tremendous Sir i have highest gratitude and respect for you and your third leg, i hearby announce that you posses a Jizz Canon"
by Muhammed Legend June 26, 2007
1. A game most commonly played in an atmosphere of great mirth otherwise known as a party. It is best played when drunk and or stoned, you can acheive these states by consuming a beverage known as alcohol or consuming substances known as drugs. In the game one individual, chosen as the result of a game such as soggy biscuit is blindfolded and if deemed neccesary credit carded or jap slapped they are then spun around to acheive a state of dizzyness. When they are dizzy and possibly in pain from the earlier trauma they are then skanked and made to walk through a passage made up of eager and drunk party goers all willing to cause as much pain and humiliation as possible. For example the blinded, pained and humiliated individual known as the pussy holeor just the ball sack is sent on a journey of great mirth but in order to reach the goal of many treasures they must pass through the 'passage' where they are humiliated and pained even further through a variety of procedures such as bukkake, jap slapped, bummed, punched in the face and tits, dick slapped, rode like a dog, shot at, stabbed up, teabagged and cercumsised other procedures are strictly prohibited under the rules of the game.
2. Anally penetrated in an anus of small size therefore it causes pain for both the giver and the receiver. In certain cases such as those of nuns, virgins........Barbed wire or possibly land mines are placed around the anus therefore causing great pain to any unfortunate horny person.
Llewellyn- LOL at him for going through the pain passage on all fours llewllyn is amused.
Swaskoski- What the fuck Llewellyn why are you using text speak in normal converstions and why the fuck are u calling yourself by your own name you cunt
Llewellyn- o cum on u gy ws cnt nccssy
Swaskoski- Fuck SHIT thats it your going through the fucking passage
Kevin- HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Wankaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa take that in ur eye you welsh cunt
Swaskoski- WO was cumming on his face really needed if ur going to do it it has to be acheived by all members of the group hence a bukkake.
by Muhammed Legend March 02, 2008
Having a bashy washy wash wash, Busting a naughty, helping the lil' guys on their way, aiding a explosion of sex juice, basically this is the phrase given to fuckin wankin man shaking hand refers to the act your wrist appears to be performing on your penis in order to bust one out all over your mommas face, the one eyed postman is the general himself, your little man, your japs eye. Some people mainly men call there penises names normally male, the most popular being eric, alfred or the significantly more crude willy, women give theres oriental names or female names such as kirsten, brian and the more european Kin Gat Chuw.
"I really greeted my one eyed postman enthusiastically after his much appreciated delivery last night i really wanted that jumper, i then got him to send a message to my sister Carl telling him/her how much i missed it nonce"
"i call mine margaret after my brother ian i call him the general and often i congratulate him on his achievements, what is your postmans name"
"Shabaz hes a right jizz canon"
"when did u last send a delivery"
"oh it was April 6th of May"
"ok well have fun shaking hands with the ol' one eyed postman"
by Muhammed Legend June 26, 2007
Chuck Norris is cooooooooooooooly cooooooooool!
If you fed Chuck Norris 1Kg of organic matter he'd shit out enough fossil fuel to power the sun for the rest of time!
by Muhammed Legend September 22, 2007

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