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A website by a person who states his true feelings about society and opinions on his personal website, no matter what. He however does this in free time, and HAS been on national television twice. I commend him for questioning the fabric of society while staying awsome and raw.
Maddox Owns You. and the segway.
by Muffin Man February 06, 2004
A word that the popular character from the Simpsons (Homer) uses quite often
by Muffin Man September 16, 2003
A dragon whose creator is Strong Bad. He also smote the Kerrek, and buninates the peasants and all the peoples
TROGDOOOOOOR! TROGDOOOOOR! Trogdor was a man! I mean, he was a dragon man!..... uh,..... then he was just a dragon...um... but he was still TROGDOOOOR! TROGDOOOOOOOR!
Burninating the country-side! Burninating the peasants!
Burninating all the people! In the thatched-roof cottages! THATCHED-ROOF COTTAGES!!!
And then Trogdor comes in the NIGGGGHHHHHHHH!
by Muffin Man April 13, 2003
A dragon who was created by Strong Bad.
(The one who smote the Kerrek and stomped the peasants)
TROGDOR! TROGDOR! Trogdor was a man.... I mean, he was a dragon-man....uh....and then he was just a dragon!....um.... but he was still TROGDOR! TROGDOR! Burninating the country-side, burninating the peasants, burninating all the people in their thatched-roof cottages! THATCHED-ROOF COTTAGES! And then Trogdor comes in the NIGGGGHHHHHHHH!
by Muffin Man April 13, 2003
Meaning someone that is a coward and runs away at the site of a gangster
That Horse couldn't get away fast enough
by Muffin Man December 01, 2004
Not to be confused with the gooch. It really is when the penis' head is longer then the shaft.
That dude has a choda, and his gooch is the part between his asshole and balls!
by Muffin Man September 07, 2003
Why two homophones are used in 1 thought, in a humorous way.
You think of one.
by Muffin Man October 01, 2003

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