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8 definitions by MuddyRunnerGirl


The eyesore of sprawling stucco covered strip malls, big box stores, and McMansions which eat up open space land.
"That used to be a great spot to go for a nature hike, till last year when the Suburban Blight rolled through and left acres of parking lot, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, and crap chain restaurants in its wake."
by MuddyRunnerGirl March 09, 2009
11 5
A highly precarious patching / rigging of any item or situation with improvised materials or ideas to get through or beyond an obstacle.
It's gonna take a whole lotta duct tape and bubble gum, but I think we can land it in the Hudson.
by MuddyRunnerGirl March 11, 2009
4 5

Agressive and edgy. Badass. Balls on board; as in full of testosterone. Pronounced with the stress at the word "on" as in "Balls ON".
He: "I finally finished fixing the rear main seal on my '76 Chevy K20 with a big block 454 engine - wanna go for a ride?"

Me: "Man, this truck is balls ON!"

"Hey, did you see Janie's new full-back tattoo? Her ink is balls ON!"
by MuddyRunnerGirl March 09, 2009
5 6

The sudden and violent bouncing motion of the breasts when riding in a schoolbus, particularly when seated over the rear wheel.
"I hate chaperoning these school fieldtrips. I wind up with severe titlash on the bus before we even get there."
by MuddyRunnerGirl March 09, 2009
5 7
A full-on headful attack of bedhead.
Damn, dude... looks like you hada Hair Party and no one was invited!!
by MuddyRunnerGirl March 16, 2009
2 5

Pronounced "bubb-lick-US".

A cowlick or bedhead formation at the back of medium or longer length hair that is so pronounced, it forms a bubble.

Ususally, the only remedy is to wash one's hair or to sit while eating breakfast with a wet washcloth over the head.

"I fell asleep on the couch last night and woke up with a raging bubblicus. I had to rinse my hair 4 times to get it to lay down again."
by MuddyRunnerGirl March 16, 2009
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A haircut that is business in the front and party in the back. The boys in Boise call it this... We call it a Mullet; Hockey Hair in Minnesota.
Jeremy must have been in a coma for 18 years... Check out the Montana Mudflap on his melon!
by MuddyRunnerGirl March 10, 2009
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