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The Acura/Honda engine code for the i-VTEC RSX, Civic Si (2001+) and 4th gen Integra (JDM). With 6 gears & 200 hp from a only 2 liters in the USDM RSX Type-S and 8000 rpm redline, it can be made very powerful thru all-motor, nitrous, super or turbocharging. It can be swapped into light Civics, Del Sols and even CRX's, making a 12 sec. car with simple intake/header/exhaust and ECU tuning!
Most honest Civic Owners- "Man my civic hatch is a turd. A guy in a Kia smoked me. I want a WRX, this thing sucks ass."

Me- Nah man, just drop in a K20. It will fly then. ;)
by Import Al July 30, 2005
A honda engine that ricers apparently worship. For some reason, they believe that K20Z3 has supernatural powers and flow characteristics, so much that no V8 period stands a chance.
I'll buy a K20 and put it in my Del Slo, then everybody will suck forth upon my length...
by Cody Strife May 23, 2010

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