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2 definitions by MsSashuhSay

An extremely misunderstood state that's probably less racist now than a lot of states in the north. We aren't hicks, and we don't have unpaved roads everywhere. We don't have affairs with our family members and we aren't a state full of red necks. Or at least not in most places I've been too
person A: I'm moving
Person B: To where?
Person A: Alabama
Person B: I'm so sorry!!! When you go, look out for red necks with guns!
Person A: Have you ever even BEEN there??
Person B: No...
by MsSashuhSay August 22, 2010
Basically just a stupid mix of a soft blanket and a robe. Pointless if you ask me.
Person A: Crap it's cold in here. D you have a blanket?
*person B hands person A a snuggie*
Person A: What the hell what kind of retarded over sized robe is this?!?
by MsSashuhSay August 22, 2010