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How Barbara Walters is pronounced whe you are
a)very drunk or
b)younger than 5
Person 1:Let's watch the news! Yay!
Person 2: With Baba Wawa *passes out*
by Ms Cullen July 10, 2008
Attention Deficit Oooh Shiny!
People say I have ADD, but I have ADOS. Oh, look, shiny!
by Ms Cullen July 10, 2008
When you're playing Guitar Hero and your pinky is so retarted that it won't press the blue or orange buttons.
I just failed the song.


My Retarted Pinky Syndrome is acting up.
by Ms Cullen July 10, 2008
A term used by Great Lakes surfers to describe the awesomeness of waves.
Dude! That wave was SO french toast!
by Ms Cullen July 10, 2008

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