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Unintelligent humans who "fear" or dislike homosexuality. Homophobes are the cause of a high teen suicide rate, they ruin lives, and make the world an even worse place to be.

As these times are changing, hopefully they will be cured asap. If you're sane & open minded, congratulations you are NOT a homophobe.
Homophobes love to use the word fag, thinking it makes them sound cool.
by Mrs. Intelligent July 18, 2009
A saying synonymous with no homo used by homophobes & closed minded teens. Seriously, is there a need to declare how hetero you are? Do gay people say "no hetero" or "no Obama" or whoever the fuck is hetero, just because closed minded people assume they're str8? No. So grow up kiddies :)
Shawn: Bro im lyk sooo str8! No Elton k? No Elton!

Jake: Dude why are you making a big deal as if it matters if you're gay or bi or not? Get over your homophobia.
by Mrs. Intelligent July 23, 2010
It's not our job to educate faggots, yes a faggot is NOT a homosexual, but someone who is anti-gay. So when phobes say "FaGz sHoUld DiE" they obviously even hate themselves! Anyway everyone should know by now that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality. If you continue ruining other people's lives, you're truly pathetic I mean how long will it take until you realize YOU are thee problem? For example phobes complain that gay people "flaunt" their "lifestyle" and "want special rights". Hello idiots, you brought gay parades / pride to yourself because if there wasn't homophobia, there would be no need for this! Homosexuality isn't going to vanish so quit wasting everyone's time. Life is short try to actually enjoy it! The world needs more love, yet it's denied over hatred! "God" must really be proud right?
Anti gays complain so much about the word 'homophobia' as if it even matters what they're called. It's like a murderer complaining about the word killer.
by Mrs. Intelligent October 07, 2009

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