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Talcum powder used by Indians that turns yellow brown once applied due to the amount of sweat and dirt on the surface of the skin.
HAH did you see that guy's curry powder? Shit's all over his neck!
by Mr_Fresh December 03, 2010
a house that's full of hot bitches
Yo did you go to Rico's house last night?

Aw man, that place was a bitch pen! I'll call you after my HIV test.
by Mr_Fresh December 03, 2010
someone that drives a Prius or equivalent
Clark's a hybrid hoe, always cruisin on that Prius
by Mr_Fresh December 03, 2010
a room full of black people
man, this place is a dark room!

fo' real, let's get out of here before they start stompin'
by Mr_Fresh December 03, 2010
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