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Similar to a Turkey Slap in that it involves the slapping of an erect or semi-erect penis on the face, the Pud Hammer however is not bound by the sex of the receiving party. Where the Turkey slap is meant for a girlfriend, wife or other female partner sometimes for the pleasure of the receiver as well as the giver the Pud Hammer can be applied to anyone and is generally used as a form of punishment.
Adeel wouldn't stop talking so I held him down and administered the pud hammer to shut him up.
by MrPrefect July 21, 2006
Plucking ones ass hair out and placing it on a friend/enemies personal effect, such as a computer keyboard or coffee cup for later discovery. Similar to tea bagging but slightly more pungent.
Garfield was being an ass so I gave his computer mouse a brown hairing.
by MrPrefect August 29, 2005
To fart on ones head, specificially characterized by the movement of hair.
Derek got himself a Horatio Hornblower today, now he has to redo his hair.
by MrPrefect August 29, 2005
a term used to describe the act of shitting after a large meat dinner. This term refers particularly to both the power of the shit and the distinct rotten meat aroma left in the stall after completion of said event.
That gyro went right through me I need to hit the bathroom and drop the meat hammer.
by MrPrefect July 21, 2006

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