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Poop. Written on all bathroom doors in Iceland, snyrting is their word for toilet. When interpreted as a verb, it becomes what you do in the toilet. Can be used as a noun, verb, adjective or adverb.

Can also be used for any body excretion:
air snyrt = fart
front snyrt = pee
mouth snyrt = puke
mouth air snyrt = burp
liquid snyrt = diarrhea
front pleasure snyrt = splooge
Keith hadn't snyrted for 3 days when he had the most explosive liquid snyrt of his life.

Kyle: Did you just air snyrt? It smells like something died in here.
Rob: Yeah, the broccoli I ate last night is giving me the worst air snyrts.
by MrPoop February 11, 2009
noun. Someone who shaves the hairs in their butt crack.

verb. Having a shaved asshole.
I don't get dingleberries because I razorback.

He was a razorback, which made giving him a rim job that much easier.

My farts sound totally different when I razorback.

by MrPoop April 21, 2009

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